Welcome to our support page for our products ImaginWOW and ImaginGO.ImaginWOW is currently in a testing period. We hope that you understand that there may be some technical problems that occur. If you are experiencing problems, please open a ticket below and we will address it ASAP. Since we are testing, we may have to update the app in order to remedy the issue. In case of an update of the app, we will keep you updated of the progress via the Imaginaction Support Ticketing System. Please feed free to also send us feature requests that would make ImaginWOW even better.

*Known issue: when you create an account, Amazon Web Services will send you an email to opt-into email communication. Yes, this is an email from ImaginWOW. We are working to integrate the required opt-in link better into the account creation process. This can be a problem when trying to set the Account Confirmation PIN and changing Parental PIN codes.

If this is your first time submitting a support/feature request, then you are required to create an account below.

Thanks for your help and keep on imagining!